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Easy Tips To Keeping Kids Quiet While You’re On The Phone

One of the easiest ways to get into the telecommuting industry is to get a phone job. These phone jobs are more readily available than other telecommuting jobs and usually pay pretty well. When you ........ Read More

No More Distractions With Noise Reduction Headphones

The world is a very noisy place with loud, intermittent sounds and constant, droning noises – noise reduction headphones can help you get a little peace amongst the distractions of everyday life. He........ Read More

Stay In Touch With Your Iphone

One of the biggest things that people desire when they purchase a cell phone is simplicity. They want to be able to access their phone books easily and quickly so the connect in an instant. Apple kn........ Read More

Teach Your Child Phonemic Awareness

In recent years, the field of reading education has changed dramatically and many reading instructors have divided it between phonic instruction and whole language. Various reading programs that fall ........ Read More

Tips For Successful Negotiating By Phone

Most of us negotiate something every day. Whether it's getting our kids to willingly clean their rooms, or hammering out an elephant-sized contract with more details than a politician has “special-i........ Read More

The Phone From Hell

Last April, our office secretary retired after thirty-seven years on the job. I had been around as department manager for the last fifteen of them, and I knew we were going to have an impossible time ........ Read More

Cellular Phones Through The Years

The cellular phone has truly evolved through the years. What used to be for making and receiving calls has progressed into an all in one gizmo loaded with lots of features that it is all you’ll eve........ Read More

Deaf Telephone

The deaf and hard of hearing can sometimes feel isolated if they are not able to communicate. People without hearing difficulties take this for granted. Modern technology has devised ways of improvi........ Read More

Telephone Number Fraud

In recent years, 900 telephone numbers, in which the caller pays a fee per minute, have been used by television stations to elicit viewer participation and to offer services, such as current weather c........ Read More

New Cell Phones, Latest Mobile Phone

Don’t Be Fooled When You Shop For New Cell Phones. When You Buy The Latest Mobile Phone, Make Sure It’s Really New. So you’re thinking of buying the latest mobile phone and your friend says “........ Read More

Test Fidelity With A Spy Phone

Are you worried that you partner may be cheating on you? With a spy phone it is fairly easy to find out. In today’s world, nearly everyone has his or her own cell phone. In fact, with family plans a........ Read More

How To Get The Best Out Of Your Phone

When Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone, little did he realise the positive effect it would have on customer service – or the negative effect it could also have! Yes, the telephone can be........ Read More

Recharging Cell Phone & Camcorder Batteries

If you are a cell phone customer, then you should also have a battery charger. The majority of cell phones are accompanied by an AC adapter, which plugs directly into your cell phone and also into a s........ Read More

Bless Your Ears And Feed Your Brain. Sony Headphones.

Looking to bless your ears and feed your brain the sonic genius your favorite musician's recording engineer intended? If you're sitting, strolling, painting...even mowing the lawn...and you require a........ Read More

Top 5 Reasons Not To Own An Iphone

Apple has done a great job telling the world about their iPhone. The advertising has worked and the iPhone is one of the hottest cell phones to own. For those interested in keeping up with the Jones........ Read More


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