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Open Design : A Stakeholder-oriented Approach In Architecture, Urban Planning, And Project Management: Collecting The Following Works: Open Design, A Collaborative Approach To Architecture, Open Design And Construct Management, [and] Open Design, Cases And Exercises

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Open Design refers to a stakeholder-oriented approach in Architecture, Urban Planning, and Project Management, as developed by the Chair of Computer Aided Design and Planning of Delft University of Technology. This edition collects the following three volumes on Open Design: 1) Open Design, a Collaborative Approach to Architecture, offering concepts and methods to combine technical and social optimization into one integrated design process; 2) Open Design and Construct Management, Managing Complex Construction Projects through Synthesis of Stakeholder Interests, offering a new approach to managing complexity by distinguishing best management practices for complex projects involving considerable uncertainty and risk and best practices for straightforward predictable projects; and 3) Open Design, Cases and Exercises, enabling the reader to become familiar with the decision-oriented design tools of Open Design, and their application in practice.

Sampling And Choosing Cases In Qualitative Research

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All qualitative researchers sample, yet methods of sampling and choosing cases have received relatively little attention compared to other qualitative methods. This innovative book critically evaluates widely used sampling strategies, identifying key theoretical assumptions and considering how empirical and theoretical claims are made from these diverse methods. Using a realist approach Nick Emmel presents a ground breaking reworking of sampling and choosing cases in qualitative research. Drawing on international case studies from across the social sciences he shows how ideas drive choices, how cases are used to work out the relation between ideas and evidence, and why it is not the size of a sample that matters, it is how cases are used to interpret and explain that counts. Fresh, dynamic and timely, this book is essential reading for researchers and post-graduate students engaging with sampling and realism in qualitative research.

The Limits Of Expanding Liability : Eight Fundamental Cases In A Comparative Perspective

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Liability law is expanding in many countries and areas. While its expansion may seem beneficial in terms of remedying litigants' losses, this development is potentially worrisome. Expanding liability may affect the availability of useful goods and services and have a negative impact on insurability.Those in various countries concerned with these potential negative effects have commenced researching techniques to keep liability law within reasonable and sustainable limits. This book uses eight sample cases, borrowed from the leading case law on the subject, to shed light on the techniques used to limit liability expansion in respective countries.The topical nature of the subject and the comparative analysis make this a unique work of interest to academics, students, law-makers, and other practitioners concerned with the expansion of liability law.


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