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Leading Cases In Constitutional Law

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An annually-revised paperback designed for a single-semester course on constitutional law, this book is roughly half the length of many hardcover casebooks. The six renowned authors, now including Michael Dorf and Frederick Schauer, are co-editors of a long-time favorite teaching book, the much larger Constitutional Law: Cases, Comments & Questions, 12th edition. "Leading Cases," which is a stripped-down version of that book, contains "the essentials" for teaching a basic course in constitutional law. Because the organization of the compact book parallels that of the much lengthier Choper - Fallon - Kamisar - Shiffrin - Dorf - Schauer casebook, which contains extensive Notes & Questions, the latter can serve as a "resource" book for instructors teaching from the paperback. Subsequent editions of "Leading Cases" will continue to be published every summer for classroom use in the fall and will include all the significant cases handed down during the most recent Supreme Court Term.

Unsolved Cases

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Lord Woodroe is found dead, shot through the head in a lonely marble gazebo in the middle of his estate. The Coroner's verdict, suicide. Captain Maddox of Scotland Yard thinks otherwise.Unsolved cases: The Woodroe Investigation takes you as a reader to the point of Maddox's investigation where he is forced to return to London and leaves open the case for you to solve. Read Maddox's diary, his interviews, letters and papers from the house to unpick the mystery and trace a thread to the murderer.

Cases And Materials On Real Estate Transfer, Finance, And Development

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The Ninth Edition of this popular casebook retains the basic organization and coverage of its predecessors, but comprehensively addresses the tremendous changes that have occurred in the past five years in real estate finance and in the real estate industry. The Ninth Edition includes: a thorough updating and revision of the material on foreclosure, including material on loss mitigation, short sales, loan modification programs, pre-foreclosure mediation requirements, and foreclosure-related litigation; a comprehensive revision of the material on securitization and the ownership, transfer, and enforcement of securitized mortgage loans, including detailed treatment of the proper application of Uniform Commercial Code Articles 3 and 9 to the ownership, transfer, and enforcement of mortgage notes and the litigation involving the Mortgage Electronic Registration System (MERS); a comprehensive revision of the chapter on governmental intervention in the mortgage market, including thorough treatment of the FHFA's conservatorship for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Dodd-Frank, and the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau; a functional restructuring of the material on bankruptcy law and its impact on mortgagees in Chapters 7, 11, 12 and 13.


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