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International Resources Guide To Hazardous Chemicals : Manufacturers, Agencies, Organizations, And Useful Sources Of Information

RRP $885.99

This book is a direct companion to "Sittig's Handbook of Toxic and Hazardous Chemicals and Carcinogens (0-8155-1459-X) in that the hazardous chemicals listed in Sittig are the source for Sittig's International Resources Guide to Hazardous Chemicals.

With more than 7,500 entries highlighting chemical producers worldwide, this international directory is a reference for chemists, toxicologists, lab technicians, manufacturers, environmental control officers, industrial safety engineers, and emergency first responders.

Also included are international chemical industry organizations, federal and state agencies, hotlines, databases and useful web sites for anyone seeking hazardous chemical information.

Ure's Dictionary Of Arts, Manufactures And Mines

RRP $4.00

Andrew Ure (1778-1857), Scottish chemist, scientific writer and professor at the University of Glasgow, was an enthusiast of the new manufacturing systems that were emerging in the nineteenth century. He took a great interest in the application of science to the arts and industry and in making science accessible to the lay person, being the first to establish a course of popular scientific lectures for working men.
His "Dictionary of Arts, Manufactures and Mines" is a well-known and much-used book, which went to several editions. This, the 6th edition published in 1867, appeared after the 1851 Great Exhibition and, crucially, incorporates a great deal of new information that resulted. Chiefly rewritten and generally enlarged, it was edited by Robert Hunter after Ure's death, assisted by some fifty contributors.
The volumes are alphabetically arranged and well-illustrated with nearly 2000 wood engravings, plus numerous tables. Packed with thousands of useful technical and statistical information on material, chemical and machine processes and industries, it covers an exceptional range of topics from manufacture and export figures of biscuits, cotton, steel, and sugar, to descriptions of minerals, tools, machinery, elements and organic chemistry.
Ure's "Dictionary" is a standard work in nineteenth-century history and remains invaluable as a record of this extraordinary period of industrial development. A monumental scholarly achievement, it will be valuable to anyone studying nineteenth-century commercial history, economics, Victorian studies, and the history of science and technology.

Semiconductor Memories - A Hdbk Of Design Manufacture & Application 2e

RRP $1.00

Provides the reader with memory fundamentals as well as directions for future research. Examines memory history, current memory technology and offers a glimpse at the future of memories. Topics include memory market trends and their importance to both industry and government applications requirements which determine the direction of memory development and technical aspects of memories. Descriptions and usage of the various types of memories including SRAMs, DRAMs, VDRAMs, EPROMs, EEPROMs, and ROMs are also provided. Finally, it looks at memory packing, large scale integration, and the manufacture of memories.


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