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The Perfect Replacement For A Decent Woman

RRP $12.99

There is nothing wrong with being a decent woman. Just make sure you get decent man...who talks problems over with only you and is dedicated to living whole after he has done it all before you.

Postwar Jewish Displacement And Rebirth

RRP $306.99

This volume offers insights into the major Jewish migration movements and rebuilding of European Jewish communities in the mid-twentieth century. Its chapters illustrate many facets of the Jews' often traumatic post-war experiences. People had to find their way when returning to their countries of origin or starting from scratch in a new land. Their experiences and hardships from country to country and from one community of migrants to another are analyzed here. The mass exodus of Jews from Arab and Muslim countries is also addressed to provide a necessary and broader insight into how those challenges were met, as both migrations were a result of persecution, as well as discrimination. This book is also available in paperback.

Book 15 - Inverted Triangle Body Shape With A Short-waistplacement

RRP $18.99

When out shopping, have you looked in the fitting room mirror and wondered why fitted waistlines fit near your hips? Have you thought... this jacket would work if it weren't for the unflattering patched pockets in the front? Have you wondered why so any jackets are a boxy cut and too short in length? Wonder why there seem to be few straightlined or no-waist Silhouette dresses, coats, and gowns? Do you think you need long, narrow, straightlines and struggle to find them? Your struggle IS NOT a Weight Issue -- IT IS a Waistplacement Issue! In this guide for Inverted Triangle S, Short in THE SPACE OF THE WAIST(r), learn how to celebrate your Assets, maximize your style, dress with confidence, and love the body you have!


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