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Development-induced Displacement In India And China

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The world seems to have recently discovered India and China as major players in Asia, and political and economic connections between the two countries are rapidly growing. Beyond the fashionable phenomenon, the two countries have much in common and many shared experiences. Both are developing countries with dynamic economies focused on lifting their people out of poverty. There are also differences as well, as India is a democracy while China is an autocratic state, and the speed of economic growth is much higher in India. This collection provides a comparative analysis of development-induced migration in India and China caused by urbanization and dam construction. The contributors include scholars from both countries working in both academia and consultancy positions.

How To Build A Window Replacement Business (special Edition)

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In clear, easy-to-grasp language, the author covers many of the topics that you will need to know in order to launch and run a successful business venture.

A Vision For The College Placement Center

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Sweeping changes in work and academe are threatening placement centers with irrelevancy. The rise of entrepreneurial firms, the prevalence of career change, the shifting structure of knowledge, and the changing student body demographics demand a creative response. Present proposals for change, however, ignore basic questions and instead focus on technology, programs, and publicity. This book presents a new approach, a nine-part paradigm aimed at creating a more entrepreneurial, proactive, empowering, multidisciplinary future. Freeman presents specific ideas for invigorating old programs and creating dynamic new ones, offers a redefinition of the external relationships, applies process reengineering to strategy, and presents a vision of placement centers linked with learning. Devoted to serving students, Freeman brings a humanistic perspective along with models from state-of-the-art business practice to a new vision for college placement centers.


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